Stop The Presses – Rhodiola with Wellmune!

Wellmune | Beta Glucan | Herpes First, I’m going with full disclosure that I do not in any way work for SISU or make even $0.01 from recommending Wellmune.

I just wanted to keep you update that Coldmune and Stressmune have changed there name(s).  I have been taking this product for almost two years now and it has done wonders (wonders ladies!) for my herpes outbreaks.  You can read my first post here at beta glucan for herpes, and an update at this link.

I don’t think I have written more about any single product – and you will note it is NOT Dynamiclear!

Be well – and get some Wellmune! 

Whether you are in Canada or the U.S., you can purchase online here at the lowest price ever! here at Feel Good Natural.

I’m feeling too lazy to write original content so this is lifted directly from the SISU website (I don’t think they’ll mind).

Promotes feelings of well-being and decreases fatigue during periods of physical and mental stress. Supports immune health during periods of stress.

We need a strong immune system to stay healthy. Every day our health is compromised by threats such as stress, poor diet, and insufficient sleep, leaving us more vulnerable to allergies, bacteria, and viruses such as colds and flu. SISU Rhodiola with Wellmune is a convenient, one-a-day supplement that combines two potent, natural ingredients clinically proven in human research to reduce the effects of stress and support immune health.

Product Information

  • Wellmune WGP® is a patented extract from a proprietary strain of yeast
  • Natural gluco polysaccharide grown on sugar cane and developed in the USA
  • Increases the effectiveness of the body’s natural immune cells, priming and mobilizing them to destroy disease-causing germs and viruses
  • Clinical research in humans shows it reduces respiratory infections, such as colds and flu, in healthy adults under stress
  • Can be taken preventively or when others around you are sick
  • Increases energy and improves mood
  • High-potency rhodiola extract, grown in Siberia and standardized to contain 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides
  • Rhodiola improves concentration, performance, memory, and lowers fatigue in people working under stressful conditions
  • Rhodiola is an adaptogen, meaning it normalizes production of hormones within the nervous system to invigorate a sluggish system or calm an agitated one

SISU Advantages

  • First-to-market with Wellmune WGP® in Canadian supplements
  • Special non-allergenic extract, safe for those with yeast allergies or Candida
  • High-potency, standardized rhodiola extract
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Convenient one-a-day dose
  • Contains no ingredients that are a source of gluten
  • Good Manufacturing Practices standards
  • Tested for guaranteed purity and potency
  • Tested for pesticides and herbicides
  • EN approved
Stop The Presses - Rhodiola with Wellmune!
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Herpes Yeast Infection

Herpes Or Yeast?

Herpes Yeast InfectionWell of course let’s hope it’s yeast because that one is easy to fix!

At the early stages of herpes , the symptoms of herpes and yeast infections can seem very similar.

Both can cause intense itching and if left untreated, yeast infections can actual cause small blisters.  The difference between the two is that untreated a yeast infection can go on and on and make your life miserable.   With genital herpes, the itch will fade away as the herpes outbreak appears and it will become more sore than itchy (although yeast infections can ALSO cause soreness).   Best thing to do if you are unsure is get tested for HSV2 while taking active steps to treat any vaginal infection.

And if you indeed have herpes (which let’s hope you do not!) the following treatment for yeast (and any other bacterial vaginal infection) will help ease any of the symptoms of female genital herpes.  (for more information on vaginal herpes, visit this link)

Bottom line:  The following will not hurt you and will relieve any itching.

OK, the issue with yeast is that it thrives in a moist warm environment and thrives on sugar.   Yes, alcohol (wine for me, please!) is basically sugar in a bottle.   What keeps yeast in check is “good bacteria” or “probiotics”, and when you have a vaginal infection it means that your good bacteria has dropped to extremely low levels.   As such, you need to replace them.

First you buy some pro biotic capsules (make sure they are high quality and that when you buy them, the store has them in the FRIDGE).   You start taking them internally.  Two a day is fine.

Second, you have to get the probiotics into your vagina because this is where the problem is.  GOOD health food stores will actually sell vaginal ovules that you insert into your vagina at night.  This will actually clear up the entire problem by the time you wake up in the morning!  However, these are expensive for what you get.  Here in Canada it’s like $30 for 10 – 14 ovules which last 7 – 14 days, and you really only need one or two.

I do love my red wine so I get these yeast infections about once or twice a year.  I keep the ovules in the fridge (you always have to keep good bacteria cold), and use them if I have them but sometimes they expire.   In these cases, it is a little messier (but still as effective) you OPEN one of your regular tablets (the ones you swallow), and mix the powder with a little olive oil and push it into your vagina.  This works well too and is obviously cheaper (but messier).

That’s it!

As for instant relief, you can use a bit of tea tree oil mixed with olive oil and spread it through your labia.  It is so relieving and works quickly.  Also, crazy but true, mix about 4 parts warm water with 1 part apple cider vinegar and find a way cover the entire area.  You can lie down and use a squirt bottle or at the drugstore they often sell these funny buckets you put on your toilet and sit in (I got mine from the hospital after giving birth).   You DO NOT need to do these relief things.   The probiotic  treatment will be the ONLY thing you need to absolutely cure you (shame the Doctors don’t know this) but sometimes if you wake up with a yeast infection and won’t have time to the whole vaginal insertion thing, it’s nice to have instant relief for a few hours until you can find the time.

Hope this works for you.  I’m sure it will.

Good luck!

Oh, and if worse comes to worse, and you actually do have HSV2, you can click here to read about living with herpes and dating with herpes.