Stages of Herpes: Just plain bad (wrong) information

Stages Of Herpes

Stages Of HerpesAs you can imagine I spend a considerable amount of time reading about stages of herpes.   Thankfully there are things called “facts” otherwise I might be stuck with what is available on the Internet.  Every few weeks I come across an article containing such wrong information that it should almost be criminal.
There are different stages of herpes breakout that you need to be aware of.  Treating the early symptoms of the sexually transmitted disease will reduce the chances of permanent cell damage.  This will help stop the complete destruction or break down of your skin that can lead to embarrassing scarring.  Herpes affects millions of people each year and is estimated to continue its threat as an epidemic if proper treatment is not received.  The stages of herpes simplex can evolve as badly as a case of bed sores which completely deteriorate the skin.

I would just like to completely breakdown how much misinformation is in this single paragraph.

Yes, there are different stages of herpes you need to be aware of.  But (next sentence) permanent cell damage?  What is he talking about?  I have had genital herpes for almost 25 years now and I guarantee you, I have zero permanent cell damage.  There is no medical evidence that any cell damage occurs – and even, “embarrassing scarring”?  I have no scarring.  I have had many outbreaks on the skin around my vagina and even with the occasional Brazilian wax (ouch!) there are no red marks or permanent evidence of outbreaks.

Yes, herpes affects millions of people of each year but proper treatment will not discontinue it’s thread of epidemic (which I would argue is not a threat – it is already an epidemic..).   Short of an as of yet undiscovered vaccine, safe sex, protected sex, and reducing the risk of herpes transmission will limit the spread of herpes.

What is the link between herpes and bedsores?  I have never had bedsores but I can tell you (again) that HSV2 will not completely deteriorate your skin.

The whole thing just makes me grumpy. 


  1. Oh and let’s not forget that guys can “keep the area dry” HELLO!
    VAGINAL – maybe a road map is in order? How do you keep your self “dry” inside the wetness part of the female body???

    It seems no one bothers to address this little bit of info… or am I the only one on the planet who really has vaginal herpes?


    • I found Himalayan salt (as thin as sand) mixed with a little bit of warm water and a couple drops of pure lavender essential oil is effective. It stings like a biiitch, in which case quickly cleanse the area with warm water (bath immersion helps) and then repeat the process.

  2. Hey Teri! I can assure you that I have vaginal herpes too! At least I hope that’s what it is or it’s been an interesting 20 years.. I agree with you that it can be difficult to keep the ‘area’ dry given our actual anatomy, but since I mention that fact a lot I would like to elaborate.

    It’s mostly that you don’t want to cover any lesions all up with potions and oils and creams during the active phase. I am however a big fan of Vitamin E during the healing stage. I do NOT do this (because it seems excessive) but there are drying agents which can speed up healing by absorbing moisture from the skin. Burrows Solution would be an example. Pharmacist can give you more information if it’s something you are interested in trying.

    Good luck! Glad you are managing a sense of humor about it all.

  3. Hi, I am very confused with my symptoms, and this is the FIRST thing I’ve come across that even sounds somewhat similar to what I’m experiencing.

    I experienced EXTREME itching and tingling a couple of weeks ago, and then last week started getting large tender 2 somewhat large “lumps” under the skin on one side of my vaginal lip and closer to my anus. Then a 3rd lump appeared. A few days ago, one of the lumps started becoming a blister on top of the skin. It got to the point after a couple of days that it looked like a red bubble on top of the skin. I went to my OBGYN, and she said that herpes does not present like a lump under the skin that rises to the surface. But from what your post seems to say, that’s how your herpes have presented? She also said that she couldn’t swab it because it was under the skin. She took a blood test for all STDs, and it came back negative for everything. (However, if I just contracted herpes, the antibodies wouldn’t have had time to develop yet, so that blood test is not very helpful.)

    Last night, the blister burst and blood came out. I went to the doctor today, but she wasn’t sure what it was. I am VERY NERVOUS (basically, I’m freaking out), and just looking for some insight. Does this sound at all like what you have? Also, about how large are your bumps that are under the skin?

    Some of my symptoms seem like typical herpes symptoms (i.e., the intense itching and tingling), but others don’t (i.e., the bump starting under the skin and bursting blood) so I’m confused. I saw a dr and she was stumped too. She swabbed it, but I have to wait a week for those results, and in the meantime, I am FREAKING out!!!

    In advance, thanks so much for any insight you can give me!

    • what was the answer from the blood tests?

    • Chelsea

      i have bumps like you described. they start out as hard lumps under the skin, and over a couple days raise to the surface and when they break, there is blood inside, and pus if it had been disturbed (squished, sat on, it really hurts when they are squished). as a teen i though i had herpes, even though i was not sexually active. i didnt ask a doctor about it until i was 20 because i was afraid of what it could be. it was misdiagnosed for years and two years ago i found out that it is a rare skin condition called Hydrenditis Supportiva ( i may have spelled that a little wrong). it started in my pelvic area but now, i am nearly thirty and i have had some lumps turn up under my armpits. there is no cure or treatment, but you get used to them with time. the only link i have found with my outbreaks is that they are triggered by stress and i generally get 3 lumps at a time (heaven help you if two or more are close together. thats the only time i find it painful). HS does scar and it takes a good 5 years for the scars to completely heal. the scars spend a lot of time as purple bruise like spots. in my 13ish years of sexual activity, i have only had one partner that even asked about it. most people are smart enough to know that herpes doesnt scar and ive lived with it for 17 years. i have a good amount of scars on my inner thighs and bum. HS is not contagious, it is genetic (my mother has it too). keep your head up and be glad that its staying somewhere that is easy to hide and that it isn’t on your face. that’s what i tell myself when i find a new lump :)

      Good luck, and even if you dont see this, i hope someone else who can benefit from it does. this is the first time i have ever talked about it in such detail. probably because i have finally accepted that this is a permanent skin condition and it makes me who i am.

  4. While that article does seem very out of context … I had an outbreak like 5 months ago.. And it did left noticeable scaring :( and it hasn’t gone away. So if anyone knows how to get rid of those scars I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

  5. I HAVE FOUND VITA E and Aloe very effective during the healing phase.

    • Dear Nanci,

      I’m writing you from Turkey. I would like to say that your blog is awesome. I have been suffering Herpes2 almost 5 months now. I had a 3 OB’s that I totally aware of it. I thought I might have other OBs because I have the leg pain and stingin, electricty shockin on outside my vagina. Except this I have been using acicylovir for 1 month and taking lysine+zinc+multivitamins. Me and my bf have a protected sex also but I think he might contracted from me :( There is a small pimples around his penis but he said I have no pain or ithcy no syptoms at all. But today he fell very tired and flu-like syptoms and I thought It must be H. I try everything to protect him you know and still he could have it. This is killing me. I really wanted to end my life and get rid of this for good. I live in a Muslim country and doctor isn’t very much educated. Everyone looks at me in the hospital like I have been carrying something that could transmit by look or air :(( This makes me feel bad. How can I be sure that my bf don’t have it. Before we got intimacy he get tested and it was negative both hsv1-2. And I am also get anxiety and depressed. Please help me I need to know this is nothing? I can have babies? If my bf did contracted what to for it? If he break-up with me :( I am so depressed :(


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